Family Law / De Facto Law

The Family Law Solicitors Greg Tyler and Associates have combined experience in Family Law in excess of 50 years.
Our  solicitors have had extensive experience in advising, negotiating and appearing in Court in cases that come before the Federal Magistrates Court and Family Law Court.
The Family Law Court of Australia has recently taken over  jurisdiction of defacto relationships in New South Wales and accordingly our team can provide professional advice and representation in matters relating to a family breakdown whether the parties have been married or living in a defacto relationship.
If you have a question relating to any aspect of Family Law including the following matters, please feel free to telephone and speak with Greg Tyler who would only be too happy to give you initial advice over the telephone to assist you in understanding your Family Law problems.
Greg Tyler and Associates accepts instructions in the following matters:

  • Separation
  • Divorce
  • With whom the children should reside following separation
  • How much time each parent will spend with their children
  • Property division
  • Child support

Please feel free to take advantage of our 24 hour telephone legal advice turnaround.  That is, if we cannot speak to you immediately we will do our best endeavours to return your telephone call within 24 hours.